Alessandro Caselli fashion consultants & pr

How we work

In a dialogue with the client, the objectives will be set. An expertly tailored advice will be given, backed up fully by the company’s many years of experience. Further consultation/support at (inter)national level may be occasional or on a project basis.

In a nutshell, the company’s aim is delivering the most effective possible advice in a wide range of areas within the fashion sector.

Our consult will be of a much more comprehensive kind than the usually restricted purchase and P.R. advice (frequently based only on limited market information).

A general overview of our advisory services is stated under: overview of our advice program.

The nature and scope of any assignment will be agreed upon in advance, as well as the fee involved. It goes without saying that confidential data and information made available to our company will be treated with the care they deserve.

We trust that the above will be sufficient reason for old hands in the fashion world to get in touch with us and that it will encourage newcomers to do the same as well.

Overview of our advice program

  1. 1.Advice to new or already known designers on the making of good or better choices in the field of ready-made clothing and distribution channels, such as manufacturers, sales points, agents or representatives, for example. The distribution of advice in relation to their public relations policy, both with regard to the market as well as the press.
  2. 2.Advice to manufacturers in the research into a responsible choice of sales channels for their collection, as well as the selection of the most suitable agent or representative.
  3. 3.Advice to manufacturers and importers in solving problems in marketing (for example in relation to design, market segment or price), support in the most effective way possible of introducing their product through promotional activities and public relations (all to take place in a prompt and efficient manner). Introducing and making contact with the right people, who can anticipate a want as accurately as possible.
  4. 4.Advice to fashion companies in the design and compilation of new collections, as well as overseeing the realisation of these, both within the Benelux as well as worldwide. If desired, contacts can be set up with manufacturers who can ensure (part of) the production. Inspections of clothing samples can be included in the instructions.
  5. 5.Advice to retailers already in business, but who are not satisfied with the collections they have in stock. The introduction of new products to these retailers and advising them how to present these.
  6. 6.Advice to future retailers (start-up companies) in their choice of location of premises (the shop) and providing suggestions in relation to putting the collection together in a manner suitable for that specific sales point. Guidance until the opening day.
  7. 7.Advice in the area of public relations to all those working in the fashion industry, such as designers, manufacturers, promotional agencies and organisers of fashion fairs, conferences and presentations.
  8. 8.Advice and practical help for the purpose of setting up, or if necessary, improving contacts with the press, or neutralise frequently existing barriers between business and the press, and the desired target group.
  9. 9.Advice concerning providing information and motivation for employees of fashion companies, as well as presentation or fashion-focused information to sales staff.