Alessandro Caselli fashion consultants & pr

Alessandro Caselli

Alessandro Caselli started fashion consultancy and public relations at offices in Amsterdam, effective as of August 1993.

Alessandro Caselli has been running his own fashion stores in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. Carrying leading international brands as well as designs made under his own label, his hard work, creativity and good taste, the company achieved a great success.

Mr. Caselli, meanwhile, accumulated know-how in the area of design, purchasing, production, presentation and sales. He has also served regularly as a consultant on TV productions, which utilized his own designs as well.

The name Alessandro Caselli and the prestige that goes with it, is known internationally as well as nationally. The name has won the confidence and respect of a very wide circle of business relations, including designers, manufacturers, agents and buyer combinations. Over the year Alessandro Caselli has also developed extensive contacts with the press, resulting in mutual appreciation.